Interactive Tool for Making Viscoelastic Master-Curves

Try it here!

UPDATE: The tool received some major improvements
– Download of result as Excel files
– Possibility to directly upload mastercurves (for Prony fitting)
– All-new data input algorithm/processing. Now it should be easy to read text-based input from many different machines
– “Console output” that explains what the program is doing
– Speed improvements and bugfixes
A draft of a paper (I do not know if it will be published) explains the algorithm behind the tool. Download here.

Another small program allowing to shift polymer (rubber!) -viscoelastic data using the Williams-Landau-Ferry (WLF) equation.
If a horizontal shift (a frequency-shift) is not sufficient to get the data together, a vertical shift is applied additionally. This is usually necessary for filled rubbers. The program can be also used in a fully automatic mode, where it tries to patch the different curves together such that the WLF equation is best fulfilled and the vertical shift obeys an Arrhenius-law.

Short manual to get started

  • Click “Example”, then click “Load Data”, or alternatively click “Magic!” to start fully automatic evaluation
  • Then click “Horizontal shift” to start automatic shifting, you may play around with the “Sensitivity”
  • You can shift manually by selecting points in the log(Horizontal-Shift) plot and clicking the arrows. Multi-select using Shift, as common.
  • Afterwards, you can hit “Vertical shift” according to G’ or G” or both.
  • “Finalize” will stich the curve together
  • Hitting “Prony Fit” opens new options. These are hopefully self-explaining.
  • Have fun!

The program has many bugs and I don’t know if and when I will fix them, so if it crashes just do “F5” and start again.